A new kid on the block – Norwegian FJELL magazine

Bushwhacking Scandinavia has been rather neglected this spring. And for a good reason. Since starting blogging on our Norwegian blog a year ago, we have increasingly had success getting our material into different Norwegian outdoor magazines. Writing for different magazines, feeding the Norwegian blog with weekly posts, working on a larger project, all while being squeezed in between the daily routines of our jobs and general family life, leaves little time to keep Bushwhacking Scandinavia up to date. Hopefully we will be able to get some more stuff out here in the future.

FJELL magazine is a new joint project between tourism businesses in the Jotunheimen, Dovre and Rondane area and a few local newspapers. We were lucky to be allowed to contribute to the initial release – and Siri had the honour to star on the front page.

Take a look at the online magazine below: It has a great layout and contains a lot of interesting and varied reading in both Norwegian an English. Did I mention it’s free?

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2 thoughts on “A new kid on the block – Norwegian FJELL magazine”

  1. This looks really useful. We’re planning to spend a month in Norway next summer for my 50th birthday and I can see Fjell becoming a valuable asset to us.

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